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If you’re interested in paying with crypto then please contact us with an email sent to

Also, you can send a private message to Matt FXS on Discord or on Telegram.

Telegram username: @mattfxs 

Discord username: mattfxs#0001

The Elite member livestreams are at 1:00 PM EST on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. Occasionally, one of these days may be substituted for Saturday.

Each live session will last at least 1 hour & it will include a main topic that we will focus on such as, “How I Draw My Zones.” Otherwise, it’ll be a Q&A format where I analyze different charts, answer questions, and let members connect with their screens to go over trade setups that they’ve taken.

If there are any reschedules, then they we will be mentioned ahead of time.

All livestreams are recorded and shared in the group chat for all Elite members, even if you were unavailable to attend any of them or want to rewatch one.

The market structure that’s usually analyzed for Elite trade setups, is on the 1-minute timeframe and above, with the most frequent being the hourly, daily and weekly timeframes.

Occasionally, we might take a look at the lower timeframes in order to pin-point entries. 

The majority of setups will be intra-day or swing setups, with a risk to reward ratio that’s usually 1 to 4 or above, meaning that the potential profits will be much greater than the potential losses.

The winning percentage can vary depending on the asset & strategy but long-term wise it’s usually around 70-80% with a positive risk to reward ratio.

Yes, your charts and setups can be reviewed in the chats & during livestreams.

For each livestream, you’ll be given a link to join, and in there you can make requests for certain setups in the chat, which will be analyzed and discussed in detail.

If there are a lot of requests, during livestreams or chats, then they’ll be answered in order. Otherwise, the charts that are requested the most will be prioritized.

Additionally, a poll might be included for everyone to vote on what they’d like to be analyzed.

These videos cover a wide variety of topics but typically include live market analysis with different trade  setups.

Usually, members get to vote on certain charts or markets that they’d like to see analyzed, but it can include more.

Each video is around 30-60 minutes long and will be shared privately in the group chats.

First, try refreshing the page or restarting your browser.

Otherwise, if you still can’t sign up for one of the options then it probably means that there was a limit set for available slots, and it’s now full.

At this point, stay tuned for future updates that will be given for when more slots are opened. These will be linked in the public chats or on YouTube/Twitter/Instagram.

The most common reason for getting kicked out as a member is that your payment processor has been declined, or your payment never went through, successfully.

If this has happened, then be sure to try again, otherwise, contact your payment provider.

Another reason for being kicked or banned is that you broke the community rules.

To see the full list of community rules, read the FAQ section that’s titled, “What are the FXS Trading community rules?”

If you were kicked out or banned and you believe that the reasoning was unjust, then please let us know through a private message as to your reason, why.

Additionally, you can always send a detailed email that explains your issue, to

Remember, we won’t kick you out without giving a warning first, and explaining why you were kicked.

Also, we usually don’t ban unless you’ve been warned and kicked out multiple times for breaking the rules, but this depends on the severity of the rule that was broken.

As a reminder, please be sure to read through all of the sections of this FAQ page, first, just in case your question was already answered.

Otherwise, for any more questions or concerns with your membership options, please contact us (with a detailed description of your issue) through one of the following options:

Send an email to

Send a private message to Matt FXS or to one of the moderators on Telegram.

Telegram username: @mattfxs 

Discord username: mattfxs#2762

Click on the “Click Here” button in the home page or click on the link below:

Become An Elite Member

Elite members receive the following:

  • Join The Private Community With Like-Minded Traders

    • 3 Live Classes Each Week To Learn Different Concepts + Q&A (M-W-F 1PM EST – All Recorded)

    • Detailed PDF Guides That Teach You Technicals, Smart Money Concepts, Fundamentals, & More

    • Exclusive Weekly Market Update Videos

    • Trade Analysis With Regular Setup Breakdowns

Once you have join the Elite, access to the private Discord should be given automatically.

All of the additional resources, such as recorded livestreams, exclusive videos, or additional guides, should be available in the chats.

As always, for any more questions or concerns, contact us through one of the following:

Send an email to

Send a private message to Matt FXS on Discord or @mattfxs on Telegram.

Telegram username: @mattfxs 

Discord username: mattfxs#2762

  1. Don’t spam or promote any marketing links or MLM (multi-level marketing) services.
  2. General toxicity or harassment of members will not be tolerated in the chats.
  3. For any questions or concerns about what is allowable to post (such as certain links), reach out to any of the moderators, first.
  4. If you’re sharing your own trade setups in the chat, be sure to include a detailed explanation of your analysis too.
  5. Trade setups added by other members should not be taken as financial advice, so there shouldn’t be any pressure to copy other trades.

The most common markets that are analyzed for the Elite are the forex & crypto market.

Occasionally, there may be some long-term stock market or commodity market analysis such as Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, NAS 100, SPX 500, & more.

The most common forex assets will be the major pairs (USD/JPY, GBP/USD, etc.) and some minor pairs (AUD/JPY, EUR/JPY etc.)

Exotic forex pairs are a lot less liquid, which is not very favorable for most market conditions, so they’ll be rarely discussed.

The most common crypto assets discussed will be BTC, ETH, ADA, DOT, LINK, SOL, AVAX, etc. 

Smaller altcoins are also analyzed if they are requested!

No, none of the videos nor any trade setups mentioned on any of our social pages, livestreams, guides, or chats should be taken as financial advice.

Every trade setup or information provided, should be combined with your own individual research and risk tolerance, because there is no legal protection against any potential losses that may occur.

Matt FXS is not a financial advisor, and neither is anyone on his closest team. Please, be sure to speak with your own licensed financial advisor if you have any more questions or concerns related to trading or investing.

Any profits or losses that may occur are simply based on your own individual accord, and this is why Matt FXS and his team are not legally responsible for any of the financial decisions that you might make or have made.

Yes, trading and investing can be risky, with the very real chance of encountering potential losses.

These risks grow exponentially high, especially if you are trading with a lot of leverage or not utilizing a stop-loss.

Risk management is a key component of trading, and failing to follow proper risk management is accepting that you may eventually encounter, a serious financial loss.

Trading requires a lot of caution because probable losses or losing streaks can occur at any given moment. 

It’s also important to remember that past trading results do not 100% guarantee future outcomes. 

Ideally, it’s better to start off with a demo or paper trading account for practice (which doesn’t risk real money) before even considering putting any real money onto a live account.

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